I remember visiting my friend, Rachel, while she was in the Army, for Thanksgiving. We were watching TV and a weird commercial started.

She said something along the lines of, "What is this commercial even for?" and I answered, "It's probably a fragrance ad. They never make sense." And by golly gee whiz! It was a perfume ad!

I mean, I sort of get it. Perfume doesn't really do anything so you have to make it interesting. But some of these are just plain odd.

I suppose until Smell-o-vision is a thing, we are stuck with these weird ads.

Especially at this time of year. Fragrances make great gifts, ya know.

And the more expensive the fragrance, the weirder the commercial and the more famous the person in it. Maybe, if they didn't spend so much on commercials that didn't make sense, I could afford their fragrance.

Here are a few that I just don't get.

I like the Beyonce song though.

That could be a music video for Sia.

Guys, including Brad Pitt, get in on the weird fragrance ads too!

And the true classic! It's not a holiday season until I see this commercial. It's an oldie, but a goodie.

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