It is officially October, so you know what that means? Hocus Pocus will basically be on a loop for a month!

Now, I don't suggest playing this game every time you watch Hocus Pocus, but ya know, you do you. Also, as always, drink responsibly.

I must admit, I have taken part in the Love Actually drinking game. I love the movie, I like a cocktail now and then so put them together and it's a good time.

Hocus Pocus is one of my all-time favorite Halloween movies! So much so, that my friends and I are dressing up like The Sanderson Sisters for our second Halloween! (See Below)

Natasha/ Hot 104.7
Natasha/ Hot 104.7

Anyway, according to, these are the rules for the Hocus Pocus Drinking Game:

Take a sip:

  • Every time the Sanderson Sisters inhale/smell deeply
  • Binx says something sarcastic
  • Sarah Sanderson gets flirty or says something dirty
  • The sisters are afraid or perplexed due to a modern day invention
  • Binx mentions Emily

Take a gulp:

  • Every time the spell book opens its eye
  • Billy Butcherson loses a limb
  • Max is referred to as “Hollywood”
  • Winifred calls to her BoooooOoooOk
  • Whenever the sisters recite/cast a spell

Take a shot:

  • Yabos are mentioned
  • Someone makes a salt circle
  • Mary rides a vacuum instead of a broom
  • When someone says “Hocus Pocus”
  • There is a sentimental sibling moment

Now, I know that is a lot to remember so just do the best you can!

If you need a little cheat sheet, here is a handy graphic!

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