With the exception of northwest North Dakota, heavy rain pounded North Dakota Friday & Saturday.

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As much as 7.7 inches of rain fell in extreme northeast North Dakota near the city of St. Thomas, North Dakota. The actual bullseye of the heaviest rain fell between Crystal and St. Thomas, North Dakota which resulted in Flash Flood Warnings for the area Sunday morning.

The majority of the precipitation however fell in our neck of the woods in south central North Dakota. A swath of rain that fell south of Bismarck and Mandan really filled up the rain gauges. The high water mark for the area was near the city of Ft. Yates where over 5 inches of rain fell. The small city of Raleigh also had over 5 inches of rain.

Heavy rain also fell in Steele, Solen, and Flasher, North Dakota.

We had some very beneficial rain in the Bismarck, Mandan, and Lincoln areas where we saw rainfall near 2 and 1/2 inches of rain over the 48-hour period from Friday morning to Saturday evening.

Here are your area rainfall totals and other major reporting cities in North Dakota, according to weather.us.

Bismarck-2.66 inches of rain.

Menoken-2.54 inches of rain.

Sterling-3.21 inches of rain.

Driscoll-3.88 inches of rain.

Lincoln-2.45 inches of rain.

Mandan-2.53 inches of rain.

New Salem-2.54 inches of rain.

Steele-4.3 inches of rain.

Wing-1.71 inches of rain.

Wilton-1.41 inches of rain.

Washburn-1.31 inches of rain.

St. Anthony-3.1 inches of rain.

Solen-3.77 inches of rain.

Fort Yates-5.34 inches of rain. (high water mark for the area)

Flasher-3.81 inches of rain.

Raleigh-5.11 inches of rain.

Dickinson-.91 inches of rain.

Grand Forks-1.31 inches of rain.

Fargo-2.57 inches of rain.

5 miles west of St. Thomas-7.7 inches of rain. (high water mark for the state)

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