South Central and Southwest North Dakota received some impressive rainfall totals over the weekend.

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According to, as much as 6.8 inches of rain fell over extreme southwest Grant County in southwest North Dakota. That spot took the honors for the most rain that fell Thursday, May 11th through Saturday, May 13th.

Another area that was also super soaked was the Braddock-Kintyre about 5 inches of rain fell.

Much of northeast Emmons County received heavy rain. Cities like Hazelton, Moffit, and Linton all were hit hard.

The other North Dakota spot that is busy drying out today is Hettinger County in southwest North Dakota.

Prior to this system, this was one of the few areas in the state that was actually in a moderate drought. The city of Mott actually received 5.4 inches of rain. Nearby Regent also was drenched with 3.8 inches of rain.

Here in the Bismarck/Mandan area, we received more modest rainfall readings. These are your area totals:

  • Bismarck 2.0 inches of rain.
  • Lincoln 1.5 inches of rain.
  • Mandan 1.8 inches of rain.
  • Menoken 2.8 inches of rain.
  • Sterling 3.0 inches of rain.
  • Driscoll 2.9 inches of rain.
  • Hazelton 3.8 inches of rain.
  • Strasburg 2.3 inches of rain.
  • Braddock 5.0 inches of rain.
  • Linton 2.0 inches of rain.
  • Wing 2.7 inches of rain.
  • Wilton 2.2 inches of rain.
  • New Salem 1.7 inches of rain.
  • Glen Ullin 4.5 inches of rain.
  • Hebron 3.4 inches of rain.
  • Flasher 2.0 inches of rain.
  • Regent 3.8 inches of rain.
  • Mott 5.4 inches of rain.

Extreme southwest Grant County 6.8 inches of rain (This spot wins the title for the most rain that fell during this storm).

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