First I tried to work out with an American Ninja Warrior, and now I challenged UFC fighter, Michael Chiesa to a thumb war.

I don't know why I do these dumb things. However, in my defense, I thought a thumb war was the safest physical competition to get into with a UFC fighter. I mean, I wasn't going to arm wrestle with the guy. I'm not that crazy.

In the video it looks like I gave up, but here is what really happened. Michael Chiesa may say differently, but I think he tricked me. I was hanging in just fine and then he adjusted his grip, which in turn made me try to adjust mine and thats when he pounced. My thumb made the slightest downward motion and he took advantage. I guess thats why he does the job he does and I just talk for a living. I bet his grip didn't even need adjusting, he just wanted to throw me off. And it worked.