You've seen the TV show, now train with an actual American Ninja Warrior! At least, that was my brilliant idea.

I had the opportunity to work out with Sioux Falls own Rachel Person who competed in the NBC Show American Ninja Warrior.

I am a member of a gym and I primarily take the classes. I enjoy Zumba, Barre-less Pilates, and a weights and resistance class. However, I don't do a whole lot of free weights. Rachel was kind enough to show me the ropes.

One of the most memorable moments when we first met, Rachel asked me what I do for weight training and I said, "I don't really." That's when I knew this was going to be interesting.

When Rachel showed up injured from an achilles tendon injury I thought maybe she'd take it easy on me, not so much.

Check out Rachel and I working on our fitness. Or in my case, just grunting a lot because everything was hard.

I would like to note that when I was doing the leg raises on that sitting machine thing, I felt like I was lifting my legs much higher. Watching it back, I'm super bummed. I thought I was good at it. Dang it.

Get 'em next time Rachel! You'll always be an American Ninja Warrior to me. You are an inspiration to me, but I think I'll stick to Zumba.