Have you ever played around with an Etch a Sketch? How does someone even begin to learn how to be creative with one of them? Every time I've played around with an Etch a Sketch, I just end up making a bunch of scribbles, shake it clean, and start over. The patience, dedication to the craft, and artistic talent it takes to create something like this, is nothing short of incredible in my opinion.

How do you even do this? I wouldn't be able to draw this using a pencil much less using two circular knobs. The gentleman behind this magnificent Etch a Sketch art piece is Iowa's own Tim Gallenbeck, who also goes by bearded_border on Instagram. According to his Instagram page, he is the only professional Etch a Sketch artist in Iowa! Just look at some of his work. It's fantastic!




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It turns out that Etch a Sketch art isn't the only thing Tim is really good at. Last year, he was invited to the 14th season of American Ninja Warrior, and he just announced on his Instagram page, he's headed back for more.


If you watched season 14 of American Ninja Warrior, you may remember Tim's submission video, where he introduces his family, talks about the importance of play at any age, his Etch a Sketch art, how he got interested in Ninja training, and his battles with depression.

The premiere date for American Ninja Warrior has yet to be announced but they have announced the taping dates and locations. The filming of the qualifying rounds will take place between March 15th and April 2nd of 2023. American Ninja Warrior has remained a bit more secretive about the filming of the National Finals, as the only information given is the filming will begin in early May. Every episode will be filmed at the Backlot at Universal Studios in Los Angeles, California.

Last season Tim fell on the Log Runner as he looks to hopefully complete the course this next season. Good luck Tim!

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