Last week's Throwback Thursday song was by the Canadian band, Simple Plan.

While doing research for that song, I went down a Canadian, pop/punk, 00's rabbit hole that led me to Fefe Dobson!

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Remember her?

Fefe Dobson is also a Canadian pop/punk artist that started out in the 00s. She is definitely a bigger deal in Canada, but I had her debut album and loved it!

Fefe Dobson's full name is Felicia Lily Dobson and she was born in Toronto.

Dobson has said that breaking into the music business was tough because she wanted to do heavier rock music, but due to her race, she felt record labels wanted her to do R&B music. Fefe Dobson is of English, DutchFirst Nations, Irish, and Jamaican ancestry.

"Take Me Away" was the second single off of Dobson's self-titled debut album.

"Take Me Away" went to #87 on the Billboard Hot 100 and #25 on the Billboard Mainstream Top 40. It peaked at #20 on the Canadian charts.

Fefe Dobson has steadily put out music, gaining more popularity in Canada. She released Sunday Love in 2006 and Joy in 2010.

She most recently helped organize ArtistsCAN back in 2020. ArtistsCAN was a compilation of Canadian musicians and actors singing a cover of "Lean on Me" to raise money for the Canadian Red Cross and the Covid-19 Response Fund. The song features familiar faces like Justin Bieber, Michael Buble, and Avril Lavigne. There are also a bunch of very unfamiliar Canadian faces, but they're Canada famous!

On a personal note, Fefe Dobson married rapper, Yelawolf in September of 2019.


Have You Ever Explored the 'War Eagle Monument' on the South Dakota/Iowa Border?

Originally being from the Sioux City area, I grew up knowing about the War Eagle Monument perched on a bluff along I-29. There was at least one field trip for every kid in the area to the monument.

However, speaking with folks from Sioux Falls, they didn't seem to know what I was talking about. All they know about I-29 in Sioux City was that it was usually under construction.

When crossing into Iowa from South Dakota on I-29, look up!



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