You guys! So many things happened this week!

The greatness started on Wednesday when "The Other Side" by SZA and Justin Timberlake was released! It's from the Trolls World Tour soundtrack and it is a bop.

The music video is giving me so many 90's vibes! The fish eye lense and all the silver sci-fi looking sets! Diggin it!

Then, we were gifted this week with a new music video from Taylor Swift! "The Man" official music video came out on Thursday! When I first heard "The Man" off of Lover I hoped it would be single because I just wanted to see a music video for it!

And while Taylor does take some digs at a few people, I was kind of hoping for more, but I still stan.

She gives a big middle finger to Scooter Braun in the video. There is a scene where 'The Man' is getting off the subway and graffiti on a wall is all of Taylor's album names and there is a sign that says 'If found return to Taylor Swift' and a sign that has a scooter with a big old red line through it! Of course, this is in response to Scooter Braun buying the masters to all of her music she did while part of Big Machine Records. They're not friends, to say the least.

Then the scene ends with Taylor Swift dressed as 'The Man' peeing on the wall!!!!

Taylor Swift's dad makes a cameo as the tennis ref and Dwayne 'The Rock Johnson' is the voice of 'The Man'.

Taylor Swift directed, wrote, starred in, and probably made all the food for craft services as well for "The Man". Get it, girl!

Lastly, today, Friday, February 28th Mother Monster AKA Lady Gaga gave us a present!

The release of "Stupid Love"! It's reminiscent of OG Lady Gaga while still being something totally new!

"Stupid Love" is the first single off of Gaga's upcoming sixth album hence the hashtag #LG6. Also, the artwork and music video for the song has the word Chromatica in them leaving many to assume that is the name of the new album. And that's all we know so far.

Also, the video is kind of weird and we wouldn't want it any other way!

Oh yeah, and the whole music video was shot using iPhone 11.

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