If you are trying to get in touch with your spiritual side, perhaps you would want to buy this former church in Bigelow, MN, just a few miles south of Worthington.

As the pictures below will reveal, this decommissioned church is already in the process of being converted into a residential space. The listing says the church can be turned into a single-family 4,000 square-foot four-bedroom home or into a couple of two-bedroom duplexes.

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If the church ever had stained glass windows, they are gone now. But there are a couple of old church lights that remain. The church was built in 1949 so that's a lot of time to remove some of the interior features that made look and feel like a place of worship.

While some of the rehab work has started, there is much left to do and the space is not move-in ready. The current owner will leave the materials on site as part of the $69,000 asking price.

Bigelow MN Church For Sale

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