In light of the church shootings in the country, Pastor Jeff Hayes of Faith Temple Church in Sioux Falls says it’s a subject that has been discussed in his church.

“We talk about security in the church. The deacons, the elders and the ushers are prepared to confront a person that is unruly or a threat to people in the church. We take it seriously when it comes to providing a safe place for members. We need to take good care of them and protect them. I think more and more churches in our city and around the nation are becoming more aggressive and more observant of who comes in their doors.”

Pastor Hayes isn’t surprised that some members are packing heat in churches.

“I think a lot of people are packing heat. In South Dakota there are thousands of people that have gotten a concealed weapon permit so they could carry a gun. It’s true in churches as well. People are carrying guns in churches.”

How does Pastor Hayes feel about that?

“I think it’s a great idea. You can’t be vulnerable. We talk about Christian martyrs. I’m not going to step up to the plate and say ‘I want to be one.’ I think we need to stick around and try to deal with the people trying to harm us.”

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