People either love them or hate them, especially on women. But according to a new survey done by researchers from Texas Tech University, tattoos on women may signify more than just having body art.

Researchers at Texas Tech University interviewed about 2,400 college-age people at six different universities and found that women that have tattoos usually have a higher self-esteem. Research also found that women with more tattoos, at least four or more, have the highest levels of self-esteem, compared to those women with less than four tattoos.

Harris Interactive did some research and found that about one in five adults in the United States have at least one tattoo, and that "one" out of the five - is probably going to be a woman.

Jerome Koch, a professor and associate chair of sociology at Texas Tech University believes that the reason why women have many tattoos is for two reasons: personal identity and empowerment. Koch says,

Women are bombarded with things like fat-shaming and hyper-sexualized expectations. Body art is one way that women especially might take control of their bodies.

Some therapists believe women are getting more and more tattoos because the body art is often considered to be a "badge of honor", and often times disagreeing with Koch that more tattoos bring about more self-esteem. Knowing that people will often judge women with tattoos, therapists often believe that just deciding to get a tattoo shows that the woman has a great amount of self-confidence.

Of course some psychotherapists see the growing amount of tattoos on women as negative, claiming that the more tattoos a woman has, her chances of attempting suicide increase due to possible true identity issues.

Despite their personal reasons why the women are getting four or more tattoos, it should be known that body art on women is becoming more acceptable to the public.

Source: Yahoo Health

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