If this fish gets thrown back he is going to have the ultimate story.

"OK guys, there I was over near the dock. I saw a worm and I just had to have it. You know me I'm a bit of a worm-aholic. Plus, ever since Janice and I broke up I've been eating my feelings."

"Anyways, I go for the worm and suddenly there's a sharp pain in my mouth and I am being pulled up out of the water! Like i was caught in a current. Then this huge creature wrapped it's weirdly shaped fin around me and shoves some sort of pincer in my mouth. The pain was gone, but then I found myself on something hard, and I couldn't breath. There was NO water. Can you believe it. I know I've heard the stories about fish abduction, I didn't think it was real. But guys, I am here to tell you it is real! I was there, out of the water and surrounded by two of those creatures."

"I laid there, my mind racing, trying to figure out what to do. Suddenly the smaller of the creatures put what I can only guess was it's face near me. It was all flat and it's eyes were next to each other! I know weird right? I was seized by terror! I had to do something. So, I gathered all my strength and whipped my tail at the creature! Making contact I drove it away. The larger creature wrapped it's fin around me again and the next thing I knew I was back here; wet, breathing and by the dock."

"Fine! Don't believe me Gary. but it happened. I was there, and i warn you to never eat worms again!"