Do you have a filthy mouth? Do you beat yourself up whenever a feared naughty word slips out your mouth in front of the kids? Don't worry my foulmouthed friend, studies have found that it is healthy to to swear, it even supports emotional strength.

It seems that if you swear when you're frustrated or excited it's a sign that you are emotionally healthy and don't bottle up your feelings. Or some @#$% like that.

Not only is swearing a sign of emotional health, it is also a sing of intelligence. Dr Richard Stephens from Keele University in England says he has studied research that  shows that swearing is not the language of dumb people but of the highly intelligent.

Holy @#$! Now, don't you fell silly mom? Wasting all that soap when I was a child. My questionable language is a sign that I am a smart, well adjusted person.

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