Nearly twenty-four years ago to the date (June 22, 1997) a woman by the name of Traci Ann Evenson was found tragically murdered in her second-floor apartment in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

The case is still unsolved and yet it was at the time considered one of the fewest tips received on a murder investigation in the last 25 years by an Iowa detective at the time of his retirement.

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Here are the main details in the Murder of Iowa native Traci Everson:

Traci's body was found by her sister at her apartment which is located at 438 1/2 Ninth Avenue SW in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

At first, it was believed by investigators that Traci's landlords a couple by the names of, John and Eileen Balducki, who lived in the apartment just underneath the victim were involved but police found no evidence linking them to Traci's death.

An autopsy was then performed which proved that Traci had been strangled and beaten to death.

Investigators then thought that her killer was someone she knew and let in the door of her second-floor apartment the evening of June 21, 1997.

One of the main suspects in the case was then Traci's brother-in-law, Anthony Jackson who had a past of sexually assaulting a woman.

However, Anthony and Traci's sister, Jodi, and their two children died in a car accident on November 27, 1997; only five months after Traci's murder.

"After the deadly car accident, Detective McClurg obtained tissue and fluid samples from Anthony Jackson’s body. While the DNA retrieved proved that he was guilty of raping a relative’s girlfriend the year before Traci was murdered, it did not link him to the Evenson homicide"-Iowa Unsloved Murders.

And with the death of Anthony, the main suspect was gone which sadly left law enforcement at a loss of what direction to move forward with, thus leaving the case sadly unsolved.

Source: Iowa Unsolved Murders

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