On April 18, 1974, Patricia Carol Webb went missing from Lincoln, Nebraska.

Two and a half days later, Patricia's body was discovered by a man who was feeding cattle on abanded farmland that he owned east of Hallam, Nebraska.

Her body was described as 'bullet-riddled' and was found 'nude under the hay, except for a quilted jacket' along with a piece of tape over her mouth; there was no mention of any foul play.

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The interesting thing about this jacket though is that it was only one of one hundred and forty-three jackets that were ever made in the size extra large for a feed mill. That the feed mill gave out to its customers or employees.

And nearly forty years later it is still one of Nebraska's and more specifically Lincoln's biggest murder mysteries to date.

"“This case has been investigated, reinvestigated, reinvestigated. A lot of effort put into it,” said Lincoln Police Sgt. Larry Barksdale, who was tasked with the investigation since the early 1990s. Barksdale retired in 2012, but the case remains open."

Combined between all three of these law enforcement entities: the Lincoln police department, the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office, Nebraska State Patrol, and the FBI, put in over 15,000 hours in order to help solve the case within the first year of Patricia's murder alone.

Clairvoyants or some may call a medium or even a psychic were also consulted on this case too.

This case is still unsolved today.

Source: Lincoln Journal Star

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