The invention of Facebook has changed relationships as we know them.  The social media site has given us all new ways to obsess about what is appropriate in what is inappropriate in the dating world.

In the old days, word of a budding relationship was spread person-to-person, a kind of social 'word of mouth', ONE person at a time.  Now with a few strokes on a keyboard information is broadcast to the masses in an instant.  Sometimes the timing and content of those missives can make or break new love.

Throw in the different ways men and women communicate and you've got a recipe for dating disaster.  Especially for a Facebook novice who doesn't get the difference between a private message and a post on someone else's wall.  Posting the wrong thing, at the wrong time, can turn love so right into love so wrong in moments.

How to navigate this minefield? The Frisky says ladies, stay away from these potentially fatal Facebook flubs:

1) . Writing "Miss you," "Love you," or any overly sentimental catchphrases. You just might miss or love him - but there's no need to share it on Facebook, unless you're trying to somehow make other people jealous of your relationship (in which case, that still isn't the best method - honestly).
2) Posting a whole album of just the two of you in yawn-worthy circumstances. We get it: You're in a happy relationship. And posting photos of you and your boyfriend is more than okay; you just have to draw the line somewhere. Went on an awesome, exotic vacation? Sure, share the album - chances are, there are some cool pics we'd all click through. But spent a weekend cuddled up on the couch, eating takeout Chinese and taking adorable self portraits? Keep them to yourself.


3) Immediately connecting with him on LinkedIn, follow him on Twitter, FourSquare and Instagram, and add him on Klout. So, he granted you access to his Facebook page and you recently decided to be exlcusive. And you just happened to notice he's also on LinkedIn, Twitter, FourSquare, Instagram and Klout. But don't go connecting with him on all of those just yet. Treat your mutual social networks as you would your texts: You probably didn't send him 10 texts in a row when you first exchanged numbers at risk of coming off, well, desperate; so don't go "adding" him all over the Internet right away, either.


4) Writing "Thanks for last night/weekend," followed by any emoticon, especially a wink. Again, this falls under: Things the whole internet doesn't need to know. So you had a great weekend with your boyfriend - maybe he even took you on a surprise romantic trip to the Poconos. Share the details with your girlfriends, not your guy's wall. The second you post some cheesy message about it on Facebook, the night/weekend in question becomes less special, and more generic.


5) Adding all of his female friends to your network. Gradually, as you get to know your new man's friends, you'll likely connect with them on Facebook as well. So there's no need to go on an adding spree right when you start dating - especially not with his female friends. While each situation is unique, unless you've met and interacted with his girl friends, it's best to hold off on adding them.


6) Making date night plans. You just discovered this amazing new, romantic restaurant on Yelp - perfect for date night. What to do: Call, text or talk to your boyfriend about going there this weekend. What not to do: Write on his wall about going there this weekend. Facebook is not meant for mundane conversations with people you see or talk to on a regular basis anyway. So don't make a habit of communicating with your guy on social network.


7) Sharing his personal and somewhat embarrassing stories. It's always exciting when you reach the point in your relationship where your boyfriend starts seeing you as a confidante, revealing, perhaps, some of his biggest fears, most embarrassing stories or guiltiest pleasures. It's a big step forward - so don't go take a bigger one back by betraying his trust and writing about those personal truths on his (or your) profile. Unless he explicitly tells you he's okay with it ,it's just not worth it.

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