and Poo Pourri teamed up on a funny ad campaign about pooping in hotel rooms. You might think this is all in good fun, but it turns out, according to a new study, one of the biggest stressers about taking a trip with a significant other is pooping in the room.

I understand we all have a few issues when it comes to truly being ourselves around a new person, but I mean, come on, everybody poops.

This topic got a lot of responses from listeners this morning. I couldn't believe the lengths that some people go to hide their bodily functions. And, on the other side of the spectrum, how open some people are.

  • My grandma who was 96 when she passed had two pieces of advice for me....Don't marry him just because you're pregnant and if you can't fart in front of them then it's not meant to be
  • I'm just flabbergasted that everyone is afraid to fart in front of their significant other. Me and my husband been married for 8 years together 15. And we broke the ice on our first date. Both farted and got it over with... and I always leave door open when going to the bathroom. He does not. Sometimes we even have farting wars. Lol
  • I’m the traditional ‘wait a couple months to owe or poop/fart in from of your sig. other’ but Omg when me and my boyfriend started dating we hadn’t even been together a week and he pooped with the door open, I contemplated breaking up with him but here we are a couple years later engaged with a kid. In my defense this man is totally lactose intolerant and refuses to stop eating/drinking dairy so if you could've smelled his poops you would've contemplated breaking up with this guy too!😂😂😂
  •  The first time I heard my girlfriend fart was we are lying in bed and I got her laughing very hard and she let out the the longest funniest fart I've ever heard in my life and she looks at me we stop laughing she looks at me and we just stare at each other and then we both bust out laughing even harder it was great
  • Married 22 years, together for 26. Closed door and privacy policy here!
  • My husband & I have been together for 18 years, he has seen 3 c-sections and will not fart in front of me, poops before he showers if he's upstairs or will go downstairs if not showering. If he happens to let a fart slip in my presence he denies it
  • My husband and I had been going out for a couple weeks. We were laying in bed...he was on his side, back to me. I give him a hug and he asks me to squeeze his stomach. Of course I do without thinking, he rips a huge one right on me! I was disgusted while he laughed his ass off. We are now married going on 14 years.
  •  At first I walked in on her pooping. It was awkward after a year together now I'll come in and sit on her.😂😂😂💩
  • We were taught to only pass gas in the bathroom. I still try to not pooter in front of my husband after 23 years of marriage.
  • My boyfriend and I are very comfortable together. We poop in the bathroom while the other is in the shower.
  •  Married 10, together 12.... only heard 1 fart when she was pregnant, never heard her burp and she must be a ghost pooper bc I never see or smell
  • Been married 7 together for 8 friends for 20, never have I intentionally let it slip around my partner. I go to the restroom.
  • My in-laws have been married for over 25 years (second marriages) and I have personally witnessed my mother walking down and an entirely separate isle to fart because she has never farted in front of him before. Us kids always make a HUGE deal about it because it is just hilarious to us.
  • My sister in law and my brother have been dating for about 12 years now and they still haven't farted in front of each other
  •  First time my boyfriend (both guys) went #2 at my place he used the last of the tp and had to use some tissues to finish up because he wouldn't ask for more tp. As if I wouldn't notice the empty roll. He also played music during the ordeal.
  • We will rip it in front of each other however we will not poop in front of each other ever if we can help it there was one time when we were on vacation that I went and it horrified him LOL and we've been together 17 years married 15
  • It was a few weeks in and I farted in her bed. She laughed about it. That's how I knew she was the one

You're welcome.


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