Things can go wrong at weddings. Sometimes there's an unruly guest or sometimes it's the bride, groom, or other member of the wedding party. There were a couple of stories we talked about on the show this morning that illustrated how bad this can get.

One was a bridezilla who informed a guest that she needed to cover up her tattoos and her blue hair because it clashed with the theme of the wedding. Another bride was victimized by a bridesmaid who announced to the whole reception that she got engaged, right there at the wedding. The bride retaliated by announcing her pregnancy at that same woman's wedding.

Listeners sent in texts with a lot of things that went down at weddings. Here are the best ones:

  • I was at my sister's wedding. I was a Junior bridesmaid and a bunch of people were outside smoking . the groom's sister and my used to be sister in law were smoking and the groom's sister flicked her cigarette and it landed on the used to be sister in law and the bride's dress there is still holes in there dress. from that after that the groom's sister did not say sorry or anything
  • Had a bridesmaid give my husband a big hickey on his neck while at a bar before the reception. I wasn't impressed.
  • My aunt got drunk and started hitting on all the men in my wedding. I didnt care but the guys got mad and told me I needed to get her to quit. Nope sorry. Not my problem.
  • I went to a wedding where the bride said she didn't care what kind of dress and shoes the flower girl wore but when she saw what was bought she hated it and the flower girl has to get something different.
  • My mother in law picked a white dress for her to wear to my wedding and she didn't understand why I was upset about it and wouldn't get a different dress so I'm husband ended up buying a different dress for her so I wouldn't flip out.

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