It's the season of dads and grads. Well, the season of grads anyways, but I like that rhyme. People graduating from high school this year are the first class of kids born in the twenty-first century (shut-it calendar nerds. I know there wasn't a year zero, but lets just accept it that the century started in the year 2000, OK). That means they were mostly born eighteen years-ago in 2000.

So, in honor of those wrapping up their high school careers, and to make the rest of feel old, I present a list of things older than the class of 2018.

  • Nintendo 64
  • The Playstation 1
  • The Spice Girs first album
  • "Mmmm Bop"
  • Surge Pop
  • Saving Private Ryan, Titanic and Twister
  • Monica Lewinsky jokes
  • Text messaging
  • The Palm Pilot
  • The Euro
  • DIY Network
  • The Internet as we know it

Just for fun, let's throw in a few facts about the Class of 2018.

  • To them Seinfeld has always been in reruns and The Simpsons have sucked their whole lives.
  • Columbine was a year before they were born and 9/11 was the year after.
  • They'e likely never know a world without a mobile phone connected to the internet, online shopping, YouTube or social media.
  • If they ever rented movies, it has probably only been from a big red box, or through the mail.
  • Their relationship to Nirvana, Backstreet Boys and NWA is slimier to their parents relationship to The Beatles, Led Zeppelin and Kiss.
  • Bill Clinton's presidency is as much a part of history to them as JFK's was to their parents.
  • The Unites States has been in Afghanistan nearly their entire lives (October 2001).


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