Romper, jumpsuit, culotte, whatever you want to call it, I gave in and bought one!

I was very anti-romper for the last couple of summers, but I tried one on a couple months ago and I liked it. I thought it was cute on me, so I bought it.

I was very anti-romper because to go to the bathroom, you basically have to get naked. It's just not practical. But I gave in.

Here is what I learned.

My romper had a pattern on it, which at times looked like my vagina was hungry. I coined a new term because of this. #WatchtheCrotch

As evidenced in these pictures. I had just stood up and in the first picture, I had not readjusted. The second picture is a bit better because I readjusted. Rompers are tricky.

Also, going to the bathroom was very scary. I'm basically topless doing my business when the girl in the stall next to me slams her door shut causing my stall door to come open a little. The amount of panic in my body at that moment was overwhelming. I closed the door before anyone saw anything, but still, it was terrifying.

Overall, I felt a little awkward in the romper, but a handful of people said I looked cute, so I will probably wear it again (I'm so vain).

But this time I will remember to #WatchtheCrotch

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