After dropping my older kids at church this evening, my youngest saw a playground full of kids at the park.

"Dad, can we go to the park?" he said.

Of course we went. He hasn't had the chance to swing or go down slides in at least five months. We had nothing pressing going on so not going would have likely got me nominated for worst father of the year. We stopped for about a half hour.

If today had been November 14, and the temperature peaked at 50 degrees, would I have even given a thought to going to the park? Probably not. But it's March 14. We are on the way out of one of the colder winters in my recent memory. It was a perfect day to go to the park.

It wasn't the only thing I did today that was unthinkable back on the day five months ago when I headed out west to go deer hunting.

I drove most of the way to a doctor's appointment with the window down.

I turned the air temp all the way to cold and then turned the fan on full speed because after sitting in the sun it was hot in my truck.

I thought about getting a malt at B&G Milky Way, but was never close to one.

I picked up kids at school without wearing a coat or even my hoodie. A t-shirt was the only garment I wore as I basked in the sun.

It was a good day.

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