I have to confess, I am somewhat jealous even writing about this since I lost my hair almost a decade and a half ago. But I stumbled across an article recently that talked about the favorite hairstyles of men and women in every state in the nation.

To be honest, I've had no need to keep up on trending hairstyles for over ten years. At least for men anyway. My hair grooming experience these days consists of an electric razor set on a balding and about 5 minutes in front of a mirror every couple of weeks. Easy, peasy. No skill level or expertise required.

I realize that is not the case for most.

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No doubt, there is a real art to being a trained barber and cosmetologist. I'm told it can take anywhere from nine months to five years of training depending on the school you attend and the skill levels you desire.

And with the elaborate hairstyles that some men and women are wearing these days, you're gonna need significant training.

According to the folks at Shane Co. here in South Dakota, we tend to go after more of a simplistic look in terms of hairstyles, especially women if their findings are correct.

In 2021 they used Google trends to determine the most popular hairstyles for both men and women in the United States. What they discovered was the majority of women here in South Dakota appear to gravitate towards the Laura Ingalls Wilder look.

Supposedly French Braids are the go-to hairstyle for most women right now in South Dakota. Seriously?

Now I realize the french braids that most women choose to wear these days are a far cry from the braided hair look Laura Ingalls Wilder was rockin' on the prairie back in the day. But I guess I just don't see many South Dakota ladies wearing french braids when I am out and about. Maybe I need to get out more often, and be more observant when I do?

I do tend to agree a little more with their findings when it comes to the most trendy cut for men. According to Shane Co., the Undercut is the most popular masculine hairstyle at the moment in South Dakota. I kinda buy that one. As I do see a fair number of guys sporting that cut.

Hey, don't look now, but the gang at Shane Co. says the Mullet cut is becoming more and more popular for men right now, and it looks like I might need to break out my old Farrah Fawcett 70's poster again. Supposedly the Curtain Bangs look is making a return for women, especially younger ladies.

Once again proving the adage, everything old is new again.

Source: Shane Co. 


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