Astute readers may remember that on the Fourth of July I saw a UFO in my backyard. Not a UFO in my backyard. I was in my backyard and saw a UFO flying over my house.

Anyways, some people say that it was only a drone flying around taking pictures of fireworks. But, I choose to believe that I finally had an close encounter of the first kind. That's the right one, right? First kind is seeing a craft. Second kind is seeing an alien. And the third kind involves mashed potatoes.

I'm off track again. The point is that now I can finally say I saw a real live (dead?) ghost! In my basement!

I was in the basement playing with my flashlights. I have a thing for flashlights, I have a huge collection. And I wasn't so much playing with them, as I was testing-out a new one. Then I saw it, a g-g-g-ghost on my wall!

Photo: Ben Kuhns

I'm willing to admit that it may not be a ghost. It could be a portal to another dimension. To test that theory, I am going to put some peanut butter on a spoon on the floor near the spot where I saw the ghost/portal. If it's a ghost; it will melt the spoon and leave the peanut butter. As is common knowledge. If it's a portal , the creatures that live on the other side will be drawn into our dimension by the irresistible smell of the peanut butter. As we all know.

So, enjoy the video of my ghost, and if I remember to set that PB-trap, I'll get you the results. Maybe. I really wouldn't count on it. I have a huge backlog of shows to watch on my DVR. Plus, Mr. Robot season three just started, so you know.

Stay cool, have a great summer, don't change,


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