Minnesota has a problem with flags, and it's not just their own state flag that is giving people fits.

There are two separate flag problems brewing at the moment in the state of Minnesota.

Two lawmakers from the state are in the process right now of putting together an effort to redesign the Minnesota state flag and seal because it features imagery that is offensive to Native Americans.

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Dakota News Now is reporting Democratic Representatives, Mike Freiberg, of Golden Valley, and Peter Fischer, of Maplewood, are pushing a piece of legislation to establish a 14-member redesign commission.

Their hope is to have the Minnesota state flag which is currently blue with the official state seal prominently displayed in the middle re-worked so it will no longer be offensive to the Native American community.

According to Dakota News Now, the two lawmakers, together with Upper Sioux Tribal Chairman Kevin Jensvold feel the seal on the flag in its current form fails to come to terms with Minnesota’s history of violence against Native Americans.

But, it's not just the Minnesota state flag that is causing some individuals in the state to be a little uncomfortable at this time.

The superintendent from the Byron, Minnesota public school system has issues with the Ukrainian flag hanging in one of their classrooms.

Fox9.com reports, a Byron, Minnesota teacher has been asked by the school administration to remove the Ukrainian flag from her classroom.

School administration officials have concerns about giving teachers the right to hang the Ukrainian flag in classrooms because it could present additional problems down the road.

Byron, Minnesota Public Schools Superintendent Mike Neubeck told Fox9.com, "If we have Ukrainian flags hanging up, and someone wants to come and hang a different type of flag, we can’t say yes to this group, and no to this group."

District lawyers for the Byron school system are in the process of reviewing the school system’s policy covering what can and cannot be displayed in classrooms.

The flag was hanging in the southeastern Minnesota school classroom after students requested they be allowed to display the Ukrainian flag as a show of solidarity for the war-torn country.

What are your thoughts regarding these two cases? Is the Minnesota state flag in its current form offensive to Native Americans? And should classrooms be allowed to display another country's flag, especially given the situation that is currently happening in Ukraine right now?

Let us know on social media when you get the chance.

Source: Dakota News Now/ Fox9.com


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