You probably know Emily Kinney best from her role as Beth on 'The Walking Dead,' but she's not only an accomplished actress -- she's also a very talented singer-songwriter.

If you're a fan of the show, you've already heard Emily sing before (who could forget her beautiful rendition of 'The Parting Glass'?). She recently released her own 'Expired Love' EP, and one of the tracks on that album is the infectious and adorable indie pop tune 'Julie,' which you watch her perform in the video above.

Listen very closely as you watch the video and you just might hear our editorial team's musical debut on PopCrush, too! Emily encouraged us to join in on the chorus ("Take home Julie!") toward the end of the song, which definitely made this one of the most fun in-office performances we've ever had. Believe us, it's really difficult to not sing along every time we hear 'Julie' now.

Keep checking back on the site, as we'll be launching more videos from Emily Kinney's visit soon. You'll be able to learn what inspired 'Julie,' to see Emily take part in some fun PopCrush games and more.

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