Eight years ago I discovered The Walking Dead. I watched the first season on Netflix in on a Saturday night in 2011 and was completely hooked. Fortunately, the second season had just begun and was able to watch the first two episodes the following evening.

Since that weekend, the show has gotten better and worse. Most fans I know agree that the show peaked in season 5 and then started its slow spiral toward the bottom of the toilet in season 8.

Last year, under new management (Scott M. Gimple was promoted/removed from direct control of the show that he set on fire) the show fixed itself. Rick Grimes, the main character who had devolved into a caricature, was sensibly removed from the story line after Andrew Lincoln wanted to leave the show.

I'm in the minority of people who think it got better after that moment. For lack of a better term, I got tired of Rick's BS. It just never seemed logical and that nonsense leaving was good. In the comic, Michonne is generally sullen badass who never needed anyone so for her to be in love was weird. Her character was more interesting in the comic.

Jackson Lee Davis/AMC
Jackson Lee Davis/AMC

Judith, who never made it out of infancy in the comic, is the most interesting child character in a show I ever cared about. She has sort of replaced Rick and the dearly departed CORRALLL (Carl) as Grimes family representative in the story. It's a change of pace and I like it.

The opening minutes released on Youtube are interesting. Our group is either inventing new and really complicated ways to kill a handfull of walkers, or they are preparing new tactics for the whisperers.

The tenth season premieres tonight and I have no expectation. I will watch because I have to. I have complete nine seasons and I'm not a quitter.


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