They say there are two things that are recession-proof: alcohol and gambling. And since casinos are shuttered and no sports to bet on, that leaves one thing. And it looks like Americans are embracing it. At home, drinking has surged due to shelter-in-place orders and self-quarantine measures.

If you're tipping back the stein a little more than usual - and have this overwhelming "I don't need pants today!" feeling - you know there's nothing worse than a morning hangover with the Jenkins report staring at you.

Good news! researchers in India (and they're pretty smart. I've watched Pandemic on Netflix) think they've found the cure for hangovers. You must drink a beverage that is 65% pear juice, 25% lime juice, and 10% coconut water. Then have a plate of cheese, tomato, and cucumber. Follow that up with a green tea.

According to the Daily Mail, all of these juices and foods help the body get rid of enzymes from alcohol that gives us nasty hangover symptoms.

The worst hangover remedy? Coffee. It can actually prolong the hangover.

Of course, the best prevention is not overindulging. But it's hard when happy hour begins shortly after Cap'n Crunch.

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