The grills are fired up in Sioux Falls for the 8th Annual Downtown Sioux Falls Burger Battle!

The annual event kicked-off this past weekend and welcomed a record 24 restaurants for this year‘s friendly competition in Downtown Sioux Falls. So, if there are 24 restaurants in the Downtown Sioux Falls Burger Battle, then there are 24 different burgers to taste from now until January 31st.  Wow...I sure hope the residents of the Sioux Empire have some mighty big appetites!

It may sound like an impossible task to try every single burger on this year's menu.  Our friends over at Downtown Sioux Falls Inc. are offering a little extra help to assist in this challenge. The Ultimate Burger Battle Playbook is everyone’s secret to success in conquering this meaty competition sooner rather than later! From eating six burgers all in one day to feasting on all 24 burgers during the month, this is truly the survival guide for the 2021 battle complete with tips and tricks.  "Burger Buddies" are strongly encouraged to complete this mission.

The Ultimate Burger Battle Playbook is divided into three separate game plans.  Plan 1: "The Taste Tester," Plan 2: "The Dozen Dozer," and Plan 3: "The Destroyer."  Here's the quick "Wikipedia" version of each plan:

Plan 1 is basically allowing you and your friends to eat 1/4 of the twenty-four burgers of your choice.  Downtown Sioux Falls Inc. is recommending you try the six burgers that look the "tastiest."

Plan 2 is for those who wish to try 12 burgers.  Downtown Sioux Falls Inc. suggests to group each restaurant by selecting three burgers per week, therefore enabling you and an intimate group of friends to complete the battle in four weeks.

Plan 3 is for all the marbles. This plan calls for eating all 24 burgers throughout the month.  You'll certainly be happy to have your team of "Burger Buddies" with you.

Click the Ultimate Burger Battle Playbook link to learn more about the tips and tricks individuals can use to successfully navigate the 2021 8th Annual Downtown Sioux Falls Burger Battle.  There is also information about carry-out and delivery options for all 24 restaurants.

Happy Burger Battling Sioux Falls!

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