I think by now we are all familiar with the memes about the Midwest consisting of the word 'ope'. For example, "Ope, let me squeeze by ya there and grab the ranch."

I didn't realize how much I actually said 'ope' until these memes started gaining popularity.

I guess some stereotypes are true. I have to come to terms with it. I am a Midwesterner and I say 'ope'.

The guys from 'You Betcha' have made a name for themselves by poking fun at themselves and everything having to do with the Midwest.

They have a website, Facebook page, and YouTube channel. They have quite the following. You can even buy merchandise!

They have a ton of videos, but their latest video, I found especially relatable because everything about 'ope' is true. We all say it!

Remember, when in doubt 'ope' it out and 'ope' before sorry except after geez.








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