No doubt everyone has had moments where they thought their dad has exhibited "cheesy" behavior. Is it his jokes? His fashion sense? Perhaps his taste in music. Whatever it is about your dad that passes for "cheesiness", this could have been the perfect gift for him.

The Kraft company was auctioning off custom cheese sculptures of, (you guessed it) your dad's head made from a 40-lb block of cheddar! Unfortunately, the submission period closed this morning (Wednesday, June 13), but depending upon the promotion's popularity, your dad may have another shot at it next year.

And the best part is the funds raised by the auction are being donated to Feeding America (the parent organization of Feeding South Dakota), the nation's largest domestic hunger-relief organization in the U.S.

Top bidders (around $2,000) had to submit a photo of their "cheesy" pops, which was then turned into a cheese sculpture by "bona fide cheese artists, who just so happen to be at the top of their game in the high-stakes world of professional cheese sculpting."

Something tells me, it is entirely possible that at least one of the winners could be a "cheesehead" from Wisconsin.

Kraft did have several disclaimers regarding the sculptures however:

  • Sculptures may vary by artist and their muse. (Your dad's a muse!)
  • Some men are chiseled from marble, but your dad will be sculpted from cheese-cheese that, like your dad, is not meant to be consumed.
  • Seriously, don't eat it.

Long live all "cheesy" dads!

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