I love a good theme! The News Room in Minneapolis offers a unique dining experience. The newspaper themed restaurant is covered in blown up newspaper headlines and the tabletops have old newspaper type under the glass. The menu was printed to look like a newspaper as well.

The restaurant is divided into a few different rooms to create various experiences. We sat in the Travel room, which featured a huge boat as the bar! Yes, a boat! You can't miss the boat, it is front and center when you walk in. The bartenders actually climb the mast for the top shelf liquors.

Besides the boat, the most interesting feature was probably the bathrooms. The sinks for both the men and women face each other and the mirrors are one way mirrors. I was startled to this fact while washing my hands and noticed a man staring back at me. I don't think he knew I could see him because he was picking at his teeth. You do you, man.

The Travel Channel actually featured The News Room because of their bathroom design back in 2003.


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