When I was younger and running wild, we used to do what we called, "Bar Hopping". We were on the move going from nightclub to nightclub, looking for something better. What I'm not quite sure.

Now, the new thing out in the workforce, is "Job Hopping". It has actually become the normal in some sectors of employment.

Businesses and companies continue to struggle finding workers in today's extremely tight labor market. Employees can leave a job and walk right into two more.

Employers are finding themselves competing with each other getting people to work for them. And they're having to move fast.

I heard of one story of a welder with appealing credentials, that dropped off his resume during a lunch break. The employer called the applicant immediately after returning from the break room. But it was too late. Someone else had hired him in less than 30 minutes.

As a rule of thumb, the average American changes jobs 10 to 15 times over the course of his or her career. But in some sectors, the rate has become fast and furious, as the grass on the other side of the fence keeps looking greener everyday.

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