As people in Sioux Falls wait patiently for Uber to get up and running in the state, many are getting frustrated.

To help ease their frustrations, Benedict Barszcz, the owner of Pick-A-Cab in Sioux Falls has developed his own Uber-like app, it's called 'Sioux Falls Cabs.'

Similar to Uber, Barszcz's app allows people to flag down a cab without making a call.

The 'Sioux Falls Cabs' app, allows people to download the app, tap on the location, request a taxi to arrive, or make a reservation for a taxi. The app uses the location technology on your phone to tell a cab driver where you want to be picked up.

According to Barszcz, there are many advantages to using his 'Sioux Falls Cabs' app. You can see the estimated time your taxi will arrive, and you will know immediately that your quest for a cab has met with a driver. In addition, users will also know what the car coming will look like, the license plate number of the vehicle and you'll even be able to see a picture of the driver.

Every 'Sioux Falls Cabs' driver has their business registered in the City of Sioux Falls and the state of South Dakota paying their own sales tax. All drivers must pass a background check through the Sioux Falls Police Department before being allowed to drive.

KDLT TV is reporting the majority of the people using the 'Sioux Falls Cabs' app at the moment are either coming or going from the Sioux Falls Regional Airport.

Barszcz, hopes that will soon change, as more and more people begin using his new app in the downtown area. Until then, he's just happy that enough people are using it to keep drivers busy throughout the day.

Barszcz hopes to one day, have as many as 25, drivers signed up with Sioux Falls Cabs, currently, he is up and running with 6.

If you're wondering how payment works with the 'Sioux Falls Cabs' app, as of right now, they accept cash or credit cards. Barszcz says in the future, payment will also be accepted through your phone.

The app launched in November of 2016 and is compatible for both Apple and Android devices.

Source: KDLT TV

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