Lyft has been available in Sioux Falls for a few months now, but I hadn't really needed it until now.

Last weekend was SantaCon and things got a little crazy. Drank a few drinks, got a ride with a sober friend to one bar, wanted to go back to another, so Lyft to the rescue!

I was pleasantly surprised that our Lyft driver was female. (I did Uber once in Fargo and it was a guy.)

Anyway, her name was Siehera. I think you pronounced it like Sierra. Anyway, she was very nice. She let me use her phone charger and wasn't mad when I spilled some popcorn in her car.

Best of all, she had the radio on 104.7 when we got in. She has good taste.

Overall, my Lyft experience was great. It was easy and convenient. Honestly, their slogan should be: Lyft, so easy a drunk person can do it. Because it is.

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