There have been plenty of viral videos about the Mount Rushmore state since YouTube launched back in 2005. Here's a list of the 10 most-watched of all-time. You'll find a little bit of everything on this list.

10) Lobster In South Dakota, 949,000 views: The title of this video is pretty deceiving. As it turns out, the lobster was caught in Florida, then brought to South Dakota to eat.

9) Governor Noem Talks COVID- 19 On Fox News, 1.3 million views: Kristi Noem took to Fox News back in October to defend herself against critics nationwide, who alleged that South Dakota's COVID- 19 regulations weren't strict enough.

8) President Trump Arrives At Ellsworth Air Force Base, 1.4 million views: It was a moment in history. This video shows former President, Donald Trump, along with Melania, arriving and departing Ellsworth Air Force Base on the 4th of July.

7) Bison Tosses Woman Out Of Her Pants, 1.4 million views: This one is pretty self-explanatory in the title. Obviously, this woman learned her lesson about wild animals.

6) South Dakota Nurse Speaks Out On COVID- 19, 1.5 million views: Back in November, South Dakota was leading the nation in COVID- 19 cases. This is the full interview with Jodi Doering, a nurse from Canton.

5) South Dakota Pheasant Hunting, 2.2 million views: With as good of a shot as this hunter was, you can see why this video's gotten so many views.

4) 100 oz Steak Challenge, 1.9 million views: View be warned. This video will likely make your mouth water. This event took place at Doc's Bar in Freeman.

USS South Dakota Submarine
KSFY TV via U.S. Navy (with permission)/Getty Images

3) USS South Dakota History, 2.38 million views:

This video was released 10 years ago by the City of Sioux Falls. It tells the tale of the legendary battleship from WWII.


2) Protesters at 2020 Sturgis Motorcycle Festival, 3.9 million views: This video is quite the watch. It appears that 2 individuals were protesting President Trump at Sturgis and were arrested. The crowd took great offense to the protesters and officers had to walk them through the large swaths of people just to get out.

1) Learjet crash of 1999, 5.8 million views:  It's both sad and also a fitting tribute that the tragic crash of the Learjet in 1999 takes the top spot. This video from the Smithsonian Channel goes in-depth on what happened to cause the crash. The crash also took the life of legendary golfer, Payne Stewart.

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