There is not doubt about it, everyone deals with some kind of stress in there lives. Whether it be work, finances, debt, etc.

According to 247WallSt,  they say the that studies from the American Psychological Association, stress levels of Americans have remained unchanged over the past several years. However, common symptoms of stress such as anxiety, anger, and fatigue, have become more frequently reported.

So 247 Wall St. took those studies and crunched the numbers to determine which city in every state is the most stressed. Congratulations Sioux Falls, You are number one! The site says:

  • Poverty: 8.9% (bottom 10%)
  • Avg. weekly hours worked: 40.0 (highest 10%)
  • Unemployment: 3.0% (lowest 25%)
  • Violent crime: 388 per 100,000 people
  • Adults in fair/poor health: 10.5% (bottom 10%)

But don't get all stress out about this stat. There are many other states that are way worse on the list. You can check them out by clicking here.

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