Raise your hand if you overthink all kinds of stuff? 🙋‍♀️

This study is from Great Britain, but I feel like a lot of this stuff translates across the pond.

According to The Daily Star, a survey of 2,000 people shows that most people worry or overthink about small, every day things.

The survey was commissioned with Mike's Hard Seltzer as part of their upcoming dating advice hotline.

Here are the 10 things we overthink the most on any given day . . .

1.  The best way to back out of the plans you made.

2.  What to wear.

3.  Are you making the right decisions with your money?

4.  Did something you say sound offensive to other people?

5.  How to ask someone for money they owe you.

6.  The exact wording of a text message.

7.  Why someone you texted or emailed hasn't responded yet.

8.  What your friends think of you.

9.  How much to spend on a gift.

10.  Why your friend never called back.

Personally, I enjoy having plans, but #2 is definitely a problem, especially deciding what to wear for the aforementioned plans!

As for my financial planning, maybe I should worry about that more.

One interesting thing people worried about was, how do I say this deliately, going poop at a significant other's place. 38% of people surveyed had struggled to decide whether or not to go "number two" at the home of someone they were dating.  That includes 29% of men and 51% of women. I hate to generalize genders, but I am not at all surprised that women have a harder time with that. For some reason, girls aren't supposed to burp, fart, or have any bodily functions. So weird.

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