The Minnesota Vikings have come up with a new autograph policy for training camp and it is long overdue.

Starting this year, fans over the age of 18 will not be able to line up in the autograph lines at training camp and the first 150 kids will receive a wristband to get autographs.

Thank God!

As much as I get to travel for work and go to big time events, I am so tired of seeing autograph hawks carrying around bags of memorabilia to get signed, only to turn around and sell them online.

It gets old seeing a kid miss out on a autograph because some 30 or 40 something dude is pulling mini helmets and jerseys out of his bag and causing the athlete to get frustrated and end up shutting down an autograph session prior to the kids getting things signed.

Now some adults will say that they are fans and they are getting autographs for themselves and I don't doubt it, but that is even a little weird in my opinion.

If you are at a paid charity event or a paid autograph signing I get it, but showing up like a fan boy at training camp and having another adults sign a jersey an adult shouldn't be wearing anyway is a bit perplexing to me as well.

If you need a autograph, it is real simple. Hop online, go to a authentic NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA site and buy your autograph there.

It saves you the time, you don't look like a creeper and you have the certificate of authentication vs buying from Joe Smith on EBAY.

This policy isn't perfect, but it is surely a step in the right direction and the Vikings should be applauded for their efforts.


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