The Fruit Club is no longer on Western Avenue and it is no longer called The Fruit Club. The new and improved Fresh Farms is now located at 2200 E. Rice Street.

Fresh Farms now offers more than just fruit. Meat and seafood are now available as well as chicken, bacon, ground beef, and shrimp.

Of course, there is still delicious fresh fruit available.

Right now, strawberries are all the rage. They are sweet and juicy and delicious. I had the pleasure of trying some of these strawberries and I was initially impressed just by the look of them. They were shiny and plump. They almost looked fake.

These strawberries are from Florida and they are available in 9lb. flats and are only available through Friday or until supplies last. So don't dilly dally!

Fresh Farms handpicks the ranchers, farms, and orchards to make sure the quality of the meat and fruit is of the highest standards. The website states, "...our bulk, co-op style system allows you to save money while not sacrificing quality."

For more information and for pricing check out Fresh Farms website here.

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