Sadly, Covid-19 has postponed many planned Pride events here in the Sioux Empire. However, I think we still need to celebrate June being Pride Month!

Eventually we will all be able to get together and celebrate, but until then, let's take a look back at last year's first ever Pride Parade!

P.S. We miss you Jonny V!

Hot 104.7 was proud to make Sioux Falls history by being part of the first ever Pride Parade!

It's crazy to think Pride in Sioux Falls went from being a little get together in the Topper's parking lot to a full week of events now including a Pride Parade!

The only bummer about being in the parade was that I didn't get to see all the great floats. I only got to see who was around us in the staging area!

Because it was the first Pride Parade, I wasn't sure how big the turnout would be. The turnout was amazing. You never would have known it was the first!

Next time, I'll have to get way more colored bead necklaces to hand out!

Also, the weather was great. I know there had been a chance of rain in the forecast, but it ended up being perfect.

Also, I want to give a shout out to Sioux Falls Pride and a special note to Cody Ingle, who was in charge of the parade. As a participant in the parade, I thought it was put together very well. Everyone knew where to be when and the parade started on time!

Great job, everybody! See you again next year!

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