It is no secret that fast food, in general, has been on the struggle bus lately. Even so, this could come as a shocker: Subway may be doing away with its iconic five dollar foot long. The sandwich giant had discontinued it but brought it back over the winter.

And since Subway is 100% franchised, the company really has to listen to the franchisees. So, at least for now, each franchisee will be allowed to decide whether to sell the sub that is so famous

And according to the USA Today, Subway says it will allow each franchisee to decide whether to keep the item on the menu.

The need to stay with the changing times, Subway restaurants on the west coast are beginning to experiment with paninis.

Will Sioux Falls subways keep the five dollar foot long? I don’t know. But I do wonder about this: How in the world are we going to replace that earworm of a song?
Everybody now! "Five dollar, five dollar, five dollar, foot long!"

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