The City of Sioux Falls is branching south for sure and one of the newest additions in the southern part of town is a strip mall with a new Subway, almost ready to open.

The strip mall is located at 85th and Louise and has a drive-thru Subway as one of the bookend stores.

The drive-thru isn't just any drive-thru though, it's a touch screen! Fancy!

I reached out for comment about when the store would actually open and what other businesses may fill the strip mall but, have not heard back. I'll keep you posted.

But from the looks of the Subway and the sign asking for people to apply to work there, I'd say two weeks to a month and you can get all the sandwiches you want!

P.S. I drove around the block and took these pics from my car, so excuse their quality. I felt like a weird Subway paparazzi and I'm pretty sure that the construction workers thought I was crazy.

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