I'm not what most people would call a worrywart. I don't typically stress about things out of my control, which as I've been told is a gift. But I'm doing my best to give myself such a worry.

I stumbled upon the show Air Disasters on Smithsonian Channel. It's a series about how investigators get to the bottom of why planes crash. It is fascinating to watch. But it is also terrifying. I'm flying to Atlanta in May and I normally enjoy flying. But after watching over a dozen episodes of this show, I'm now painfully aware of all the things that could go wrong on a flight. Like an engine falling apart on the wing, like what happened to a Boeing 777 in Denver on Saturday. So now I have this worry when I fly about the million things that could happen.

This morning we were talking about the things we worry about unnecessarily and lots of other people worry about stuff for no reason as well. Here are the best ones.

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  • I have a fear of my brakes going out so I apply them more often than I should just to make sure
  • I am terrified of swimming in anything other than a chlorinated pool because I can't see what's beneath me. God forbid something touches my leg!
  • I constantly worry about cops. I am a very straight person. I don't drink or do drugs So I don't know why I am so afraid. But whenever I see Those cherry Blues I get scared.
  • When I pass a semi let's hauling big bales of hay I get worried that straps could give away and it's gonna land on my car
  • I hate when other people have knives. Bread knives, table knives, steak knives - doesn't matter. I'm convinced I'm somehow going to get stabbed in the stomach.
  • I watch a lot of true crime shows so I worry about getting murdered more than I should.
  • This is really weird to worry about but I actually get anxious when I listen to someone talk about their very difficult job and I think about if I had to do their job.

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