I came home from hunting tonight to smell what I already knew was my wife's homemade potato chips. The only question was if it was the regular or sweet potato. But then I see this cup of fried something.

I asked Crystal what it was.

"Tofu," she said. "I tried to dress it up a little."

"What did you think?" I asked.

"Meh, not good."

I tried some. The seasoning she added was great. But the problem was that I still tasted the tofu.

If you haven't tasted tofu before, it's basically the curds from soy milk. It's like if you took beans and then made the worst possible byproduct and then ate that, that's what it tastes like. It's bland with a touch of rotten grain.

I can already see the response to this: "You have to make it right. I have a great recipe for tofu."

Maybe if you grind it up into ranch dressing, it might work. Otherwise, the best way to make tofu is to take the tofu and throw it in the garbage.

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