Who doesn't love a donut or a croissant to start the morning? What about some warm bread for a delicious sandwich? The options are just endless when you visit a bakery.

There are so many great, local bakeries throughout the Sioux Empire. It's really hard to choose a favorite bakery in Sioux Falls and in South Dakota in general. However, there was one website able to determine the best bakery in South Dakota. It just so happens to be located in Sioux Falls.

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The website Mashed not only named the best bakery in South Dakota but also the best bakeries in every state in the country. In fact, it even sounds like the website conducted its own research by tasting pastries and other tasty treats from bakeries from each state.

Each state is home to a multitude of bakeries, but there are a few that stand out, offering the flakiest pastries, the most beautiful breads, or even the most innovative concoctions. By scouring reviews, looking through awards, and, of course, a bit of eating of our own, we've put together a guide showcasing the best bakery in every state.

So which bakery in South Dakota stands out from the rest? According to the research from Mashed, the best bakery in South Dakota is....CH Pâtisserie!

This tasty pastry shop is located right in Downtown Sioux Falls along Phillips Avenue.  When you walk into CH Pâtisserie, you'll feel like you've walked into another country.

This makes complete sense since the menu at CH Pâtisserie is all about European-style treats. Who better to create these elegant sweets than World Champion Pastry Chef Chris Hanmer?

According to its website, the shop’s "macaron menu and line of Sweet Luxuries give our patrons a wide variety of options to satisfy a sugar craving. Explore, experience, and enjoy." There are so many delectable sweets to try!

Way to go, CH Pâtisserie!


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