When I walked into work the morning of April 1st, the thought of April Fool's Day hadn't really enter my foggy head yet. But when our receptionist, Beth, said she will "haunt every fiber of my being until the day I meet my maker" if I played a prank on her, I went quietly (but shaking) to my office to research what others did on this curiously wicked day.

Here's some of the best pranks pulled on us today, April 1:

Google Maps seemed to efficiently pranked even the A-listers of tricking. In case you missed it, go to Google Maps then click on the Pac-Man icon in the lower left of your browser.

Unfortunately, it said Sioux Falls doesn't have enough roads to play here. Seriously? How many roads to you need for Pac-Man? The old bowling alley arcade game only had sixteen!

Tech giant Google also pulled this: Type com.google in your Web browser and everything will be backwards.

My best laugh goes to Samsung and their endless universe of products. Introducing the new Galaxy Blade Edge, the world's first smart knife. It's water and fire-proof, has a built-in thermometer and a foldable handle. It also chops 50% faster than traditional knives.

Not wanting to be left out, Sony introduced the PlayStation Flow, for those who want to really enjoy video games underwater. Complete with sensors and special glasses for a very realistic experience. I don't think is what I head in mind for live streaming.

T-Mobile unveils Pets Unleashed, which will allow customers to add their pets to family plans! Great. I can't even upgrade to the I-phone 6 because I'm not eligible but my golden retriever can get one.

Meanwhile, New England's star quarterback Tom Brady claimed on his Facebook page that Michael Jordon put him in the hospital! This is what happens when you play basketball with the greatest player in history. By the way, the signature on his cast? Jordan himself, of course.

Jordan's crossover is no joke!

Posted by Tom Brady on Wednesday, April 1, 2015

source: USA Today

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