These once popular names are in danger of going extinct. But older style names have a habit of coming back around - but do these have a chance?

  • Waldo - apparently kids were the only ones who could find him.
  • Barbra - It was #1 on the baby name lists in the 70's. Today - not so much.
  • Sherwood - C'mon. Who didn't have a great, great, grandpa Sherwood?
  • Claudine - Yeah - I got nothing.
  • Llewellyn - I actually knew a Llewellyn once, but this is the first time I ever spelled it correctly.
  • Nanette - This unique name reached it's peak in 1956.
  • Icarus - Not sure if anyone would hear anything after the first syllable. "Hi. I'm Ick - hello?"
  • Sheba - This isn't totally extinct - if memory serves, a 'Sheba' in a lovely leopard print may have danced at my bachelor party.
  • Elmo - this name has absolutely zero chance of a comeback thank to a red ticklish laughing toy. Thanks a lot, muppet.
  • Sandy - that devastating hurricane in 2012 sealed the fate of the name. Especially after the headlines of "Sandy Blows Most of the Carolina's..."
  • Isis - Nope. Not even going there.

There is actually a few more to make the list of nearly extinct names and you can find them at Huffington Post.