It's hard to imagine a diet without everyone's favorite food....Mac and Cheese! I'm certainly not the only individual who can't help but enjoy the cheesiest of mac and cheese meals!

A survey from the Southwest News Service (SWNS) shows the top ten foods that Americans simply can't live without. The number one spot: Mac and Cheese with a commanding 45% of the survey.  The other top foods included butter, pizza, milk, bread, and bacon.

For most people, mac and cheese is considered a comfort food. It looks like Minnesotans really take their comfort foods seriously, especially when it comes to mac and cheese. But, where can you actually find the best mac and cheese in Minnesota?

If you're ever searching for restaurants to visit in Minnesota that boast the best mac and cheese in the state, Best Things Minnesota and FourSquare identifies the gooiest mac and cheeses that are just too hard to pass up. Take a look at this list to see which mac and cheese entree makes your mouth water the most!

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