Hours after the judge ruled that Tekashi 6ix9ine won't have to face time in prison, someone approached him and his crew, shooting his bodyguard in the stomach.

TMZ reported that Tekashi had a party at a restaurant in midtown Friday evening (Oct. 26), celebrating officially being a free man but the party wasn't actually planned by him. Once Tekashi arrived and met with an exec from his record label, the bodyguard for the exec turned away his entourage, only allowing the man of honor into the party. Tekashi's own bodyguard fought back, with it turning into a huge argument.

Sources told TMZ that Tekashi and his family left after the altercation, but his entourage returned to the restaurant to confront the exec, with one of them escalating things further by grabbing a chair and smashing it over the exec's bodyguard. The exec's bodyguard then took out his gun and fired at Tekashi's bodyguard.

Tekashi's bodyguard has since been taken to the hospital.

This is the second violent incident this year that Tekashi and his crew have faced. This summer, the rapper was robbed at gunpoint. The rapper wasn't shot, but sustained wounds when one of the men who was driving grabbed Tekashi and dragged him into their car, speeding away.

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